Estilo Affinato De Modena Fusti

Estilo Affinato De Modena Fusti

from 129.95

Estilo Affinato De Modena is a unique and delightful vinegar. Expect to feel the fine Espresso granules that enhance this vinegar’s long, rich and velvety finish. It contains as much caffeine as a cup of decaf coffee.

Purchase of this product comes with a stand to prop your olive oil on the counter or table surface of your choice online with a hand made olive oil dipping dish!

Olivina also offers hassle free maintenance and damage policy which is optional for the busy olive oil enthusiast. When ready to reorder simply place a order online with the pick up date for said product. Olivina will fill your product in a spare fusti while your fusti is cleaned and ready for arrival. Just bring in your dirty fusti and we will work our magic cleaning the product so it is ready for your next visit. If for any reason your fusti is damaged within three years of original purchase. Olivina will replace the damaged fusti for free (Once Per Original Purchase).

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