Persian Lime

Persian Lime

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Our organic persian lime infused olive oil is perfect for a variety of applications: salsas, ceviches or simply finishing fish. Try this oil with our coconut white balsamic for a fruity flavor that can be used to marinate shrimp or a base for salsa.

Our favorite recipe is mixing this fresh olive oil with honey ginger white balsamic, creating a contrasting blend of sweet and savory. Use as a drizzle to finish grilled fish or any Mexican or Southwestern cuisine.

Excellent Complements




Marinades for Lamb, Legumes, Skirt & Flank Steaks, Poultry, and Seafood


Baked Goods

Leafy Greens





Grilled Vegetables

Ideas for Use

Combine with a fruity white balsamic for a delicious vinaigrette.

Combine with Pomegranate balsamic for a fantastic Lamb marinade or vinaigrette for baby arugula or spinach salad.

Combine with Oregano white balsamic and dress pasta, couscous, or farro salads and sprinkle with fresh herbs and feta cheese.

Drizzle over grilled or roasted zucchini and carrots.

Combine with any suggested vinegar to grill fruit.

Combine with Black Cherry balsamic to marinate skirt or flank steak then grill for the most delicious fajitas.

Whisk with Coconut, Pineapple, or Mango balsamic for a fruity and tropical vinaigrette.

Combine with Raspberry balsamic and use to dress mixed greens with fresh berries and orange segments.

Use in baking in lieu of melted butter or other oils: try it in pound cake and bars.

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