Cinnamon Pear

Cinnamon Pear

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The rich Sri Lankan toasted cinnamon aroma and the sweet taste of Anjou pear are harmoniously combined to make a savory and sweet balsamic vinegar. Paired with Blood Orange olive oil, it makes a delicious vinaigrette for a festive spinach and baby arugula salad; top it with slices of fresh pear, toasted pecans, and dried cranberries. This balsamic can also be used as a marinade for pork or poultry. Vanilla ice cream becomes fruity vanilla cinnamon bun pear ice cream with just a drizzle.

Excellent Complements



Root Vegetables

Leafy/Winter Greens

Winter Squash

Breakfast Pastries

Fresh Fruit

Creamy Desserts & Cocktails

Marinades for Slow Cooked or Roasted Pork

Ideas for Use

Combine with Blood Orange olive oil to dress a spinach or arugula salad, topped with fresh berries, mandarin oranges, and goat cheese.

Use in lieu of lemon juice in your favorite apple pie recipe

Use to poach pears or apples.

Combine it with a Medium Super Premium EVOO and drizzle over sweet potato wedges, pumpkin, or butternut squash before roasting.

Drizzle over Greek yogurt, ice cream, or oatmeal.

Brush over acorn squash halves before roasting.

Whip into Mascarpone cheese for a dessert topping.

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