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Picual olives are grown, hand-picked, and cold-pressed in our owner’s family estate orchard and mill in Southern Spain.

Picual olives are grown, hand-picked, and cold-pressed in our owner’s family estate orchard and mill in Southern Spain. This is an exquisite example of green fruit Picual, harvested early and crushed within hours of harvesting. It tastes incredibly rich, bright, and clean and has a pleasant peppery aftertaste. This year’s harvest is sublimely fragrant with wonderful notes of green almonds, artichoke, grass, and fresh herbs.

Bold, smooth, and fruity, our Family Reserve Super Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pantry staple. Whether it’s to make homemade pesto, to drizzle over avocado and poached egg toast, or to generously splash over spaghetti with garlic and artichokes, it will make simple dishes shout with flavor.

The process starts in the beautiful hills of  Jaén  in southern Spain. A city known for its rich olive oil production as well as its  fortresses and castles. The city is  known as the "World Capital of Olive Oil" because it is the biggest producer of olive oil, known by locals as "Oro Liqudio" or "liquid gold".

Once the olives are collect the are Transferred to a hold tank to be Cold pressed. Unlike our ancestors who used large Large Granite Or Marble Stones, The Modernization of the Olive oil industry has a created a more Efficient and cleaner way of extracting olive oil. The product is then packaged and shipped through out the world. Once the distrubtior recieves the product the bottle in custom logo bottles that make the perfect addition to your kitchen and cooking!


The process begins with the growth of a olive tree.


This small sapling will take the next five years till it begins to flower its fruit. Once the Olive tree begins to produce its fruit, the olive tree will produce a average of 30kg-50ks of olives which when squeezed its about 2-3 liters of extra virgin olive oil.


Year after year the olive tree will produce its fruit given the climate doesn't experience extremely harsh changes, the olive tree will grow for a medium age of 500 years with some trees through out Italy, Spain and Greece aging thousands of years.



Once the Olives Are separated from the stalk the olives then take a tumble  to extract fruit juice, When crushed The Olive oil has a thick butter like texture,  It is at this time the flavor is added to the infused products and stored once filtered in massive  stainless steal vats.