Fresh, natural ingredients. A home cooked meal. Family gathering together to taste perfection. Three basic fundamentals to enjoying life, making memories, and living healthy.

Olivina Taproom is a store with the goal of educating the public about the culinary and health benefits of fresh ultra premium extra virgin olive oil and balsamic condimento vinegars. Our vision of selling these products is based on quality, objective testing and winning international awards, instead of romantic stories of olive groves and imagery of the Mediterranean. Passion for fresh olive oil and high quality vinegars shines in all that we do, whether it be educational classes, partnering with local restaurants or chef driven cooking demonstrations. We sell over 60 varieties of oils and vinegars of our own recipes, all ready to taste and enjoy.

Our estate groves in Southern Spain produce tons of olive which are pressed into freshly made extra virgin olive oil. For over 10 years, the family has sold to some of the nation’s finest restaurants and retail outlets while garnering high praise from the national food media. The family has since created a worldwide distribution network based on their Spanish lands. This allows us to move away from third-party distributors, control costs and focus the store’s future on our own olives. We control the ingredients, the highest measure of success, within all of our products.